Sunday, June 3, 2012

pizza scrolls for hungry cold bodies!

I have to confess I have not made these for yonks! yep you read that right YONKS!!! When I was a tired mum of 2 little people bored with the everyday sandwhich choice of peanut butter, vegemite or jam I would make these... I really think they were one of the first things I cooked with the boys. They were eaten and loved by us all.... now the fillings can vary of course sometimes because of a 'compulsory Pj day' the filling would simply be pizza sauce and cheese, or at times it could be left over roast veges... particularly capsicum, zucchini and egplant YUM... but in all honesty the usual 'go to' toppings are good old ham and pineapple... you just can't beat it. seriously....

Now the weather here is miserable today, overcast, rainy, and not to forget bloody FREEZING!!!! so I thought these would make the perfect tummy warmers for a post freezing footy match.,.... and I was RIGHT... they have gone down a treat!

Now for the recipe I guess...

2 cups Self raising flour
40g butter ( I had not taken mine out of the fridge so I grate it so I can use it right away!!)
3/4 cup milk

rub the butter into flour tile you get bread crumb like consistency, add milk and combine, remove from bowl and knead on a floured bench topuntil smooth and elastic.... not too much! the roll dough until about 2cm thick... try with all your might to get a rectangle, I am a complete failure with this so I just go with whatever happens!
 squirt pizza topping on top of base spread liberally with the back of a spoon... the more the better for us, top with ingredients.

Starting with one side roll your pizza up, you will find some falls out.. my kids like to eat these bits at the end! now once you have a nice firm roll, slice it into 1.5 cm slices and place on baking paper in baking dish. Smoosh them all together as tightly as you can and bake in an oven at 180 for 1/2 hour....

I promise you will not be disappointed!Neither will the little or big people in your life!

Happy cooking

Leonie xx

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