Tuesday, April 10, 2012

holiday baking!

We have been enjoying a great holiday break.... but boy can my BOYS EAT!!!! It is forever heard in my house, 'I'm Hungry'.....they are always starving... so to combat my holiday munchers and save my food bill from skyrocketing I bake and I bake and I bake...... this is usually done daily..... anyone that visits is usually able to grab a baked treat from the cake stand.....

this holidays we have had favourites....

mini m&m brownies using the recipe I posted here instead of oreos we put a tube of m&m's scattered along the bottom of the tray and a tube on the top!!! these were super gooey and apparently DELICIOUS!!! I LOVE the colours!!!

we have also made numerous batches of muffins, using this recipe here, the ones below are blueberry and white choc... now I can tell you they were great!!!! we have made many varieties, banana choc chip, mixed berry.... today apple crumble is going into the oven......

anyone reading what have you baked???

happy cooking


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