Thursday, April 12, 2012

pot stickers, gyoza, dumplings.... what ever you want to call them they are YUM!!!

Now this is yet another meal inspired by a good friend, utube and google!!!! Now I have to fess up not all of my family love this meal, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad......hehehehe great song! Now initially the thought of cooking these scared me, I thought there is no way I can cook them, I don't have that kind of skill, well boy was I wrong! they are fiddly - sure, time consuming - you betcha, delicious - YES!!! I really think anyone can make them and as proof here is my nearly 8 baby helping me make them......
He loves to help in the kitchen....both my boys do, I honestly have always found that cooking with my kids not only opens up lines of communication (gee there have been some funny conversations especially as they are getting older), but cooking with my boys has helped with them eating anything and everything, of course they have things that they prefer not to eat, but if its all that's on offer they eat it with minimal fuss, but will always try new things. Mr nearly 8 loves cooking and is developing into a real foodie like his mummy.... from a very young age he has had a palate unlike his peers, blue cheese at 18months was a firm favourite.... strange I know! He loves to try new things and I can never slip away to a farmers market without him because he has quickly learned that there is a LOT of taste testing of delicious foods on hand for him...Mr 9 while the boys loves to eat, he has a more simple palate.... similar to his dads, simple honest food  are their favourites....So I am constantly stretching their repertoire of foods but keeping them happy with their favs too.....mums Lasagna is a weekly winner.

Now back to the Gyoza, I have tried these at a few different places and I have to say I kind of like mine best so far..... Now I have only made one filling I am going to give this a go with vege ones soon, will post that at a later date,


2 chicken breasts, minced (I mince my own in my small food processor, I prefer this, not sure why just do)
1/4 wombok cabbage, thinly shredded
Shitake mushrooms ( I buy mine from woolies and buy a punnet), thinly dice these
1 tube of 'Gourmet garden Thai season'
2 packets 'goo gee' wrappers (buy these in the cold section near the fresh pasta)

To Start:

 Prepare veges

Place minced chicken on frypan and cook until cooked through, continually break up the lumps as you want this to be as fine as you can, I struggle with chicken mince, its so sticky!

Once mince is cooked add veges and stir fry until they are starting to soften then add the tube of seasoning (now I have used half or the whole lot and I have to say I like the whole lot but either is nice) continue stir frying until veges are cooked. Then set aside into the fridge to completely cool... and I MEAN COOL..... you can make the mixture ahead, I always have some frozen in a zip lock bag in case we feel like some for lunch!!!

Once mixture is cooled completely you will need to set up your will need a small bowl of water to seal your dumplings.Lay your goo gee wrappers out on the bench, add a teaspoon (not too much!!!) of mixture into the middle, run your wet finger around edges of wrapper, fold over your dumpling pressing the edges together sealing it using a pinch pleat.....

 after you have quite the collection of dumplings on your plate, they will feel sticky...heat a pan with a tight fitting lid, I use my stainless steel scanpan.... drizzle oil over pan, place dumplings in pan giving a little wiggle, being careful not to break them, fry them for 2 mins... now set your timer!!!

while they are frying get your self a cup of water.... you will need some co-ordination and speed here.... you need to add about 2 cm of water to the base of the pan, quickly put on lid and listen to the sizzle for 2 minutes SET THE TIMER!!! It is VERY loud!

Using a spatula remove dumplings once buzzer goes off place into dish.... they will look like this.....

I use a dipping sauce of soy and fish sauce...not too much fish sauce..... now we have eaten these as a meal, snack, lunch, nibbles sharing with friends... (as nibbles  it is hard because you are busy, its noisy and the cook sometimes misses out).....I have served these as a part of an Asian fusion dinner..... ok so I felt like these and sushi... that's Asian fusion right?????

hope you enjoy as much as this little guy

Happy cooking xx

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  1. Love the last photo!!! Let me just say, these are yummy and you will not stop at one!! I am still yet to make them, but will get there!! Good cooking mumma, keep them coming!! xx