Monday, May 14, 2012

One pot cheats roast chicken.....

Now I am busy, we are all busy, and feeding growing boys is difficult this much I know.... keeping everyone's taste buds happy is just as hard (I am the worst to please). I am always after that something different... you know it reaches to the front, sides and back of the palate, keeps it all happy.....

well, I spend, as most that know me well, way TOO much time in recipe books, online looking at food and recipes and on god forbid I say it out loud Facebook!!!! well in my 'spare' time I have found some wonderful blogs that I read for so many different reasons, I rarely comment, I rarely can think of witty things to say, some of these people make me look like a saint that swears very very little!!! but hey those reading that know me too well, a truckie and I have way more in common that just taste in bad driving music!!!!

well on my prowl of the internet I have stumbled upon one of the prettiest houses oh I mean blogs.... Sarah, I also love the ever funny beth . These ladies cook like me, so its only fair that the originality of the following recipe goes to sarah.....

Now for this recipe I have sourced one of my favourite pots... now I love cookware that should be NO secret and I have tonnes but I just have never had the cash to buy the real deal stuff, so when I happened to be shoppping in  a chain store last year and stumbled upon a copy of a pan I had been drooling over for less that half the price I snatched that baby up!!! I had just bought the big kahuna in red (oh baby its the real deal!!)... so anyway this pot is used 6 out of 7 nights I kid you not!!!! if you get your hands on this you will never look back!! I can only imagine what the real kahuna would be like....ahhhhhh dreaming of my happy place  with a variety of colours at my very finger tips..... (have to admit this online store is a saved favourite in my here to see.

Here is my baby.... I bought it here, love the new latte colour.... and of course the RED!

Now as for the recipe...hmmmm thats the whole point of the blog....

now this looks as easy as it is...honestly a roast on the table 50 minutes after getting home from work!!! I dice/chop may be more accurate any veges I have, here I have used potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato, red onions, garlic, corn, and zucchini.

First step is to add the onion, garlic, and root veges to the pan splash with a good lug (but not too much) olive oil and bake for 30 mins in a hot oven (200c), when the timer goes off

seriously just wanted to show off my cool timer..... hmmmm may just collect them all!!!
take out of the oven and bury the chicken thighs into the veges, add some fresh thyme sprigs, and the 'softer veges' eg zucchini, corn etc.... I add1/2 cup of chicken stock as well, just helps with the moisture and sauce at the end... (if I am drinking a glass of wine or a bottle is open I will also splash some in at this stage also) put it all back into the oven for a further 20 mins or until everything is cooked...

seriously thats it,..... I remove the chicken and veges and plate up then over a medium heat I put the pan on and reduce the sauce to a gravy, pour some on the top and EAT!!!

seriously never a complaint and it never tastes the same..... and there are NEVER left overs!

Ps. I use at least half a head of garlic

pps... seriously love that I wrote 'if' I drink wine!!!! hahahahhaa of course I AM drinking wine!!!!

happy cooking xx

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  1. Thank you! Love it and will try next week.... in my fancy blue le chassuer which I too use most nights in winter J x